10 Mistakes you are making at the hotel.

Staying in a luxury hotel is supposed to relax you and let you enjoy your stay in the hotel. There are a lot of well designed things about the hotel that are meant to make you have the best time of your life in the hotel. However some people don’t get to enjoy their hotel stay because of lack of knowledge about the things they should do and should not do. These mistakes at the hotel are discussed bellow in detail to help you have your best hotel stay next time.

Not checking if the hotel room is bugged.

This is one of the most unexpected things by almost all hoteliers. Nobody expects that their hotel room could be having some secret cameras recording them. This sounds straight from a James bond movie but its true you might find the room is bugged. The big question is, who bugs the room? There can be two main sources of bugs in the room. The main one is the person who used the hotel room before you. There are some creepy people who likes invading others privacy by leaving behind secret recording devices to watch them. You as an innocent unsuspecting hotelier just goon with your activities in the room without knowing that there is a creep somewhere watching you naked changing clothes. This is not only immoral but it also illegal.

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The second source of bugs in the rooms could be the hotel itself. There have been reports of some hotels having this unethical practice of installing secret cameras and recording devices in the hotel rooms. One of the main reasons that they do this is to see if the hotelier does something with the room that they don’t like. However, no matter the reason, no hotel has the right to invade the privacy of anyone like that.

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So how do you check for bugs? Its not that hard. In order to know if there are some secret recording devices in your room, do this. Switch off all the lights so that the room is pitch dark. Then take your mobile phone and open the camera as if you are recording the room. Move your phone throughout the room. In case of any hidden cameras, you will see a red dim light on your phone. This is because video recording devices emit some uv light that the phone camera can see as a red dim light. You cant see this light with naked eyes.

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Another way to tell if there are secret recording devices in the hotel is to make it very silent and listen carefully to hear if you can hear any beeping sound. Audio recording devices tend to make some kind of sound. Another way of knowing if your room is bugged is by manually looking to see if you will spot any recording devices. The most common places that such devices would be hidden are smoke detectors, air-conditioning vents, fire alarms, docking stations, clock radios, landline phones, ceiling lights or even speakers. This one of those mistakes at the hotel that can be avoided easily.

Assuming the room is clean.

Many people as soon as they arrive at their hotel room they assume that the room is clean. However this is not usually the case. Though by very less chances you might find one or two hotel rooms that missed out during cleaning. This happens as a bad coincidence that when the former room occupant left the housekeeping didn’t remember to clean it before next occupant. Most of the common surfaces that are found to be dirty are the lights switches, door handles, TV remotes, bedside phone, toilet handles, sink and drawer handles. It is wise to take the wipes and clean all these surfaces to prevent you from germs infection.

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Another part of the room that can be very dirty is the bed. Actually it is known that if there is any one part of the hotel room that can be dirty is the bed. Everyone who uses the hotel uses the bed. Its hard to tell the kinda things that people do in those beds. The worst thing is that some people don’t have the respect of the next person who will stay in that hotel room.

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The inside edition did an investigation in hotels USA to determine which hotels cleaned their hotel rooms and which ones did not. They went around the hotels spraying messages on the bed-sheets with washable paint only visible under UV light. After they sprayed they left the room and checked out. Later the next evening they came back to check if the hotels changed the bed-sheets after they checked out. To their surprise, they found out that some hotels didn’t change the bed-sheets. When they checked with the UV lights they realized that the same message that they wrote on the sheets was still there. Indicating that they didn’t wash the sheets. Assuming that all hotel rooms are clean is one of the worst mistakes at the hotel that you are making. Watch the full video bellow.

Don't assume all hotel rooms are clean. Watch the video to see.

Not Locking the hotel room door.

Whenever you are inside the hotel room you should lock your door with the chain or the bar handle. This has few advantages that it can help you with. It is often one of the most common mistakes at the hotel that people make. Locking the door can prevent unwanted entry. If you keep your door locked nobody can get in your room by mistake or even by intent. Locking the door will help you prevent theft. Sometimes when you stay in the room alone you might fall asleep on the comfortable bed. If you sleep without locking the door someone might come into your room as you sleep and steal your things. Worst case is if they steal your wallet that contains your travel documents. That will get you stranded on your travel.

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Locking your room increases your privacy. When you are in the hotel room you expect that you are alone and nobody can intrude your privacy. Well if you didn’t lock the door then someone can just bump into your room. Also the room service with the master keys can just open your door without you knowing. All this can be prevented if you locked your door with the chain or the bar because it prevents the door from opening completely.

10 Mistakes you are making at the hotel. Avoid these mistakes at the hotel by checking the ammenities - matini hotels

Missing out on the amazing hotel amenities.

Many people when booking hotel rooms are only concerned about the prices or the distance of the hotel from airport. What they don’t realize is that they miss out on very important features of the hotel. A hotel is not just a facility to sleep and leave the next day. Hotels are also meant to be entertaining, relaxing and re-freshening. They have so many more amenities that can make your stay in the hotel very luxurious. Amenities like swimming pool where you can swim and float as you sip into a glass of margarita. Get that nourishing medicinal bath in the spa. Its good for your skin. Exercise and keep fit at the gym. Burn some fats at those treadmills and keep young by doing exercise in the gym. Get your clothes cleaned for you in the laundry. If you are a game lover you can play games in the game room. Don’t miss out on all this.

Trusting the hotel Mini Bar.

The mini bar in the hotel surely looks fancy and tempting especially to those who drinks. However the bad side of these mini bars is that the drinks are super expensive. Prices way higher than the normal prices at the shop. So that means drinking those drinks might cost you way a lot of money than it would cost you outside the hotel. The worst thing is that many people take the drinks without even checking the prices. And then they realize it later that the drinks are super expensive. Next time check the prices before touching them.

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Don’t even touch them if you are not surely interested in buying and drinking them. The reason is that some hotels charge even for moving the drinks alone. Even if you don’t drink them, they will charge you for touching and moving the drinks. They have sensors that detect movement and will start charging once you touch and move them. Avoiding such mistakes at the hotel will actually save you money.

Not asking for upgrades.

If you are a frequent hotelier you might be illegible for a room upgrade but never get it. Never get it because you never ask for it. You are not entitled to an upgrade just because you are a frequent in that hotel. An upgrade is a favor done by the hotel to you for being a frequent customer. Therefore you should ask if there is an upgrade available politely. Most of the time it would be great to ask at the reception during check-in. An upgrade is always a free opportunity to stay in a better room for free. You get to enjoy a better room that  you didn’t pay for.

10 Mistakes you are making at the hotel. Avoid these mistakes at the hotel by checking emergency route - matini hotels

Not reading the emergency route.

Emergency route is a layout of the hotel that shows you where to go in-case of n emergency. In most cases it is usually hung on the door knob at the inner side of the room. Many people have the tendency of not looking at them. This is a bad habit that you need to change. We live in a world where anything is possible. What will you do if an emergency arises and you have to evacuate the hotel as fast as possible to survive? During emergency time is not the best time to look at the emergency route because of panic. So next time you go into your hotel room make sure to check your hotel’s emergency route. This is one of the mistakes at the hotel that you can’t afford to do.

Buying or carrying your own toiletries to the hotel.

There are some people who go the extreme lengths of buying a lot of things during their travel like the toiletries. They end up carrying these stuff to the hotel with them without realizing that the hotel provides the toiletries for free. The toiletries are some of the basic things that should be availed in the room by the hotel. This is assuming that you are staying in a room with own private bathroom. Next time you go to a hotel there is no need of buying all those toothpastes, toothbrushes, mouth wash, soaps, lotions and combs. They are provided by the hotel in the room. This is one of those mistakes at the hotel that can be easily avoided.

Forgetting things behind when leaving the hotel.

We all have forgotten at least one or two things behind at some point in our lives. But if you  are a frequent hotelier you cant make a habit of forgetting things behind every time you stay in a hotel. You will loose so much. It will even inconvenience you because sometimes you realize you forgot something very important at the hotel when you are at the airport about to board your flight. What will you do? board the flight and leave your property that you forgot in the hotel? Or miss the flight to go back and pick your things from the hotel? When you get back to the hotel you might even not find your things because maybe the room housekeepers moved them while cleaning. This is one of the simple mistakes at the hotel that you can avoid by doing a quick sweep before leaving.

Not checking beds for bedbugs.

I know this might sound crazy but there are some hotels you will find there are bedbugs on their beds. Sounds unbelievable but i have seen it myself. I’m not talking about things i was told. It is always wise to check the bed for any kind of unwanted guests. You paid for the hotel room then you deserve to stay in a bedbug free bed. It would be so discomforting to not check and then late at night when you have slept you only realize that you are being bitten. It would feel so gross to see those big bloodied bugs crawling allover your body.

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