7 mistakes to avoid during hotel checkout

When you are done with your hotel stay and are about to leave many people tend to make so many mistakes. This has a lot to do with the fact that most people leave in a hurry. They spend most of their time in the hotel and allocate very less time for the checkout. In addition some running to catch a flight that they are almost about to miss. Others don’t realize all the things they have to do during checkout and they realize during the last minute hence wasting more time. For example some people only start parking their bags the last minute. They realize that there are more things to be parked than they thought. Or they need extra bags they don’t have and have to run out to get them. To help you have a smooth time during the next checkout we made a list of 7 mistakes to avoid during hotel checkout.

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 1.Leaving something behind.

Like i have mentioned above most people wait for the last minute to start preparing to leave the hotel. The last minute is full of rush and you are very likely to make mistakes. Worse, you might even forget things while parking. Due to hurry you forget that tablet that you put ion the drawer or that phone charger that you plugged on the socket. The worst thing to forget is your wallet or your travel documents like your passport. If you forget your travel documents you will have to come back for them because you cant leave the airport without them. This will make you miss your flight and ruin your travel.

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Therefore to avoid all these problems its good to prepare early enough for departure. Before closing all your backs take a counter-check to make sure that you have parked everything. Similarly you can have a checklist to be marking one by one as you park your things. Before leaving the room its good to make a visual check to confirm that you are not leaving anything behind. Leaving things behind is one of the 7 mistakes to avoid during hotel checkout.

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 2.Failing to double-check your bill.

Like we said in the previous article, hotels have the tendency of charging you deceptive fees that you are not supposed to pay. They might range from the minibar, to restaurant charges, to resort fees to gym fees, all things that you didn’t use. You should always check your bill to make sure that you are paying only for things that you used. Like we said in the previous article, you should only pay what you owe. Just because a hotel provides all these amenities and facilities it doesn’t mean that you have to pay for all of them because you stayed in the hotel. However there are those fees and charges that are unavoidable, but apart form that you have the right to not pay the rest. To avoid these fees just go through the entire bill checking the charges one by one and feel free to ask for any fee that you have doubt about.

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 3.Not allocating enough time for checkout.

Many people when leaving the hotel they leave their room just a few minutes or an hour to their flight or travel. They forget to allocate enough time for checkout at the front desk. It takes time to complete the checkout process especially if there is a large number of people at the front desk. Believe me if you only have a few minutes to your flight or train you might miss it. Many assume that its just a matter of giving back the room key, swiping card and leaving in less than a minute. you are wrong. Especially if there are many people waiting to checkout too. It is always advised that you allow enough time for checkout. Usually allocate an excess of time before your flight to make sure that even if anything goes wrong you wont miss it.

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 4.Forgetting to leave a tip is one of the 7 mistakes to avoid during hotel checkout.

Like i said previously on this article, it is always good to tip the housekeepers. Read the article to learn about about tipping housekeepers. So many hotels expect that hotel guests will tip the housekeepers. This makes some hotels underpay the housekeepers because it is expected that the guests will tip them. Therefore don’t forget to leave a tip on your way out. This should be one of the things that you do remember to do as you prepare to leave the hotel.

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  5.Not reserving a seat on the airport shuttle.

If you are staying in an airport hotel or a hotel affiliated with an airport, they usually provide free shuttle transport to the airport. This is more likely for early morning flights. So if you are staying in such a hotel remember that you can be taken to airport for free and early enough. However remember that such seats are quite limited and the competition is high. Thus you should book early enough. In most cases the night before. Similarly remember that these shuttles leave quite early because they want to deliver the passengers early enough for the flight. Therefore if you reserved a seat you should arrive in time otherwise you will be left behind. Another mistakes to avoid during hotel checkout is the airport shuttle reservation.

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  6.Overstaying your welcome is one of mistakes to avoid during hotel checkout.

Remember at the end of the day a hotel is a business. They are making money for every person that stays in the hotel. Therefore every minute or hour counts for them. They expect that when your hotel stay is over you should leave in time. This allows that housekeeping to have enough time to clean the room in anticipation for then next guest. In most cases you are expected to leave the room by 11 morning or before noon. However if you need to stay in the room a little bit more you should notify the hotel in advance and see if they can accommodate you. Don’t just assume and stay in the room. Overstaying welcome is another mistakes to avoid during hotel checkout.

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  7.Using hotel cab on your way out is one of mistakes to avoid during hotel checkout that will cost you money.

If you have been reading our articles then you know that the hotels have the tendency of overpricing almost everything. The price that they will charge you for your trip top the airport is almost twice what it would cost you for Uber or other cabs. Therefore if you are traveling on budget remember to avoid the hotel cab. Instead of letting them call you a cab opt to get it yourself. This way you will save yourself a lot of money that you could have otherwise wasted. This is another mistake to avoid during checkout.

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And now you know the 7 mistakes to avoid during hotel checkout.

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