Avoid these 7 deceptive hidden hotel fees

Because of airlines, hotel owners seem to be inspired to think that they can charge for the things that are already included in the bill. They think that they can charge extra fees for the services that should not be paid for. The customer should not pay for them because they should come as part of the hotel bill and not separate. We made a list of 7 deceptive hidden hotel fees that you should not pay whenever you stay in the hotel. Read all through to avoid hidden hotel fees during your hotel stay.

   1. Housekeeping fees

Am sure if you are a consistent hotelier you have tipped the room service before. If you have never tipped a room service then maybe you have tipped a restaurant attendant or bartender somewhere. Did you know that it is not compulsory to tip them? Yes it is not a must that you tip the hotel room service. However it is good manners to tip the room service if you can afford to. What is alarming is that many hotels these days are making it look like its a must to tip the room service. They are doing this to make you feel obliged to tip the room service. By doing so they are cutting the room service salary to make them depend on the tips. That’s a very wrong thing to do. A hotel room service is employed by the hotel and is supposed to be paid by the hotel.

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This practice of hotels paying hotel room service people less salary and pretending that they should make it up with tips is exploitation. That is pure exploitation of the room service people. So next time you stay in a hotel remember that it is not a must to tip the room service. In addition some hotels are going to a point of posting notices in the rooms implying that you are expected to tip the housekeepers. It is the responsibility of the hotel to pay the room service people the right amount of salary they deserve. Avoid such hidden hotel fees and save your money.

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However if you have enough money it would be nice to tip them. It is a great way to show appreciation of the work that the room service does. Also it is a good way to make the life of the room service person better bearing in mind what we have said about hotels paying them less.

  2. Early check-in hotel fees

Some hotels if you arrive at the hotel before the room check-in time will charge you some amount. This used to be a common courtesy of the hotel to the customers but these days the hotels are taking advantage of it. If you have paid your full hotel room reservation there is no need for more fees like this. It really shouldn’t cost you for arriving at the hotel earlier than the check-in time. But unfortunately you cant fore the hotel to change their policies for you. So the best solution to avoid early hidden check-in fees for you is to wait. You can keep your bags at reception and wait at the lobby or the hotel restaurant as you sip a drink.

  3. Resort fees.

The so called resort fees are mainly common with the hotels not in the city centers. Those hotels with large spacious land for extra recreational services. Usually some hotels will not include the resort cost in the main hotel bill but after you stay in the hotel they make you pay. They make you pay for the resort whether you used or not. That should not happen. You should not be made to pay such extra fees. The hotels in the city centers usually don’t use the name resort. They call it “facility”. Coined in a beautiful name as facility fees. It is not compulsory for you to pay such fees especially if you didn’t use. Be smart and speak out when need be but don’t be paying hidden hotel fees that you shouldn’t be paying

  4.Unattended-parking fees.

This usually happens in outside of town hotels/motels that have large pieces of land outside hotel. In these cases this land does not belong to the hotel. This land is not the designated parking space for the hotel. It just happens that people can just park their vehicles there. That means that the hotel/motel does not have the right to charge you for parking your car  there. The land is not their property and they will not be taking care of your car so why charge you. Next time you visit such hotels remember that it is not a must for you to pay such parking fees.

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The only instance where the hotel has the right to charge you for parking fees is if the parking lot is on their property. In addition they should be providing the parking valet. Otherwise what would you be paying that much for if you park all by yourself?

  5. Wi-Fi charges.

As an attempt to encourage people to book on the hotel official website, the hotels have developed a tendency to provide free service to only those who book through the hotel official website. This means that if you booked through third party websites like matinihotels.com they will not provide you with the free WiFi. This is a deliberate attempt by the hotel to encourage people to book directly with their website. Hotel gets lots of benefits when people book directly on their official websites. For example, they make more money for the same booking because they eliminate middleman. A direct booking eliminates the need for the hotel to pay commissions to the third party websites.

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Other reasons are things like building brand. Whenever you book form form the hotel’s official website you tend to put the name of the hotel in your head more than when you book from third parties. So to avoid this kind of hidden hotel fees is by booking directly on the hotel’s official website.

 6. Early cancellation hotel fees.

Things are changing because long ago most hotels used to have a free cancellation policy. These kind of policies used to state that for you to cancel a hotel room reservation you should do it at least 24 hours prior check-in time. Some other hotels used to extend the cancellation time to at least 48 hours prior to your check-in time. This is acceptable. It means that in case your plans change and you will not stay in the hotel you can cancel the hotel room reservation and get your refund. Only if you cancelled at least 48 hours prior to your check-in time. However this is changing. So many hotels are coming up with new refund policies that extend time up to 72 hours and others even 4 days. This is unbelievable. But what to do? It’s their hotel and they have all the rights to make the policies they like.

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To avoid such extra hidden hotel fees, you need to cancel your hotel room early enough. If you think that you will not make it to the hotel, it is advisable to cancel the hotel room reservation early enough. Make sure to read the hotel’s free cancellation time when you are booking the hotel room in order to know when to cancel in case of the need to.

  7. miscellaneous hotel fees.

There are so many more miscellaneous charges that hotels impose on users when they stay in their hotels. Such include:

Charges for early departure from the hotel. You shouldn’t be charged for this. However you should be ready to forfeit any refund for the remaining nights.

Charges for using the business center. It should be a hotel courtesy but some hotels might charge.

Charges for using hotel’s computers and or fax machines. Also should be a hotel courtesy but some hotels might charge you.

Charges for sending or receiving packages when you are staying in the hotel.

Charges for mini-bar restocking. Read the hotel charges well prior to booking.

Charges for baggage-holding when you want to leave your baggage with the hotel for sometime.


In conclusion to avoid all these hidden hotel fees you need to be well informed. To know what to pay for and what not to pay for. To know what you are supposed to pay for and what you are not supposed to. In addition it is better to book with well known respected hotel chains. Such hotels that pride in their reputation will not engage in such deceptive activities. They can’t risk ruining their reputation just to make a few extra bucks from you. We hope that in the future the FTC will rule out the deceptive fees that hotels should not be charging and what to include in the hotel rooms pricing.

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