Dirty hotel fees that you should never pay.

In order to make your next hotel stay a better experience we made a list of all the hotel fees that you should not be paying. Hotels have a tendency of presenting you with so many fees. Some that you have nothing to do with. You have the right to pay for only what you owe. You are required to pay for only the things that you have used. Just because a hotel provides all kinds of amenities and services it doesn’t mean that because you stayed in the hotel you have to pay for all those amenities. Its always wise to check your bill to see exactly what you are being charged by the hotel. To do that you need top know all the things that you are not supposed to pay. Therefore we made a list of Dirty hotel fees that you should never pay.

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Mini-fridge charges.

If you want to cool your drinks or keep your food fresh at a hotel room, it might come at a cost. While it is free in some hotels, which provide you with a free access to a refrigerator, most hotels don’t. Actually they will make you pay to use the mini-fridge. Though facilities like a refrigerator should be freely available for all the hotel users, you cant blame the hotel if they choose to charge you for it. If it was not included in the entire bill then they can choose to charge you separately for it. I have seen mini-fridge charges as much as $20. If you are not ready to pay such bills then its better to just buy the drinks to drink immediately.

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Room service gratuities.

If you read our article about 7 deceptive hidden hotel fees to avoid, then you must have read about the housekeeping fees and whether its a must or not. In the article we say that its not a must that you tip the housekeepers, but its a good thing to do. Some of these housekeepers are underpaid and when you tip them you just makes their job a little better. Actually some hotels consider the tips as part of the salary of the housekeepers.

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However in this article we are going to talk about something different. Before you tip the room service you should check your bill to see if their tip is included in your total bill. Yeah i know its a sick thing for the hotel to do by making you pay for the housekeeping by putting it on the bill. Therefore if the housekeeping tip is not in the bill then you can tip the housekeeper.

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Wi-Fi charges.

By today’s standards, services like WiFi should be freely available by every hotel. It is expected that every hotel with some class should have WiFi freely available for the people using their hotel. However that’s not always the case because you will be shocked to find that some hotels charge you for using WiFi. Some hotels charge even fees up to $10 per a night for using WiFi. Similarly other hotels include WiFi charges in the bill for everyone regardless of whether you will use it or not. To avoid such unnecessary charges its better to not use the hotel WiFi and just use your mobile phone data if you have access. Similarly you can tell the hotel to deduct WiFi charges from your bill if you did not use their WiFi.

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Resort fees.

This is one of the most misused hotel fee by most hotels. They just love including  resort fees on your bill because its very easy to disguise into many excusable reasons. The worst part is that some booking agencies and hotel websites don’t show you the resort fees until you have booked the hotel. Then you are stuck with non-refundable charges that you really don’t want to pay for. It is always good to check clearly what you are paying for from one item to the other. Don’t overlook the tiny details of the hotel charges because that’s where such charges are hidden.

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Luggage holding fees.

In most cases or most hotels leaving your bags at the front desk like when you want to catch a flight quick is free. When you are running to catch a flight it would be quite stressful to move around pulling your bags with you. This is most likely to make you late. Therefore to help in such situations you can always leave your bags by the front desk. However that’s not the case with some hotels. Some hotels will charge you for luggage holding. Therefore its always wise to check with the front desk if its free to leave your bags with them before doing it.

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Early check-in.

When you reserve a hotel room, its kinda like yours for the entire time that you will be in the hotel. Of course i don’t mean that you own the hotel room. I mean that the room is just meant for you alone for the entire time. This means that you can go to the room as soon as the room gets cleaned for you prior to your check-in. But that’s not the case. In some hotels, if you check-in to the hotel earlier than the indicated time they will charge you an extra fee. To avoid such unnecessary fees its good to inquire from the hotel if you can check-in earlier. Also its better to kill time somewhere and go to your hotel the right time.

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Avoid hotels gym fees - matinihotels

Gym fees.

Most hotels advertise how they have the state-of-the-art gyms and fitness centers. You might assume that they are free for everyone using the hotel but thats not always the case. So many hotels charge very high fees for you to use the gym. So next time that you want to use the gym always confirm from the hotel if its free for all the guests. If its free then you can use it. If its not free then there is no need to pay such large amounts of money. You can just jog around or do physical fitness like press-ups that do not necessarily require a gym.

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Charges for additional person.

You know from everyone’s point of view is that once you book your room you can stay with whoever you want to. This is most likely for rooms with more than one bed. These are rooms designed to occupy more than one or two persons. Therefore you assume that you can just bring in whoever you want. In most cases you might decide to share the bed with someone else. However this is not the case with some hotels. Its very sad to hear that the hotel is charging you for any extra persons beyond those stipulated in the booking. You booked the room. Yet they cant allow you to bring extra person for the same room, same beds, same facility.

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To avoid getting yourself in such troubles especially if you are traveling with your family its wise to ask the hotel first. The extra charges per an extra person per a night can total up to be a very large unexpected bill for you. Some hotels even charge up to $50 per an extra person. Believe me you dont want such extra charges if you are staying in the hotel for a long time.

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Mandatory valet parking.

Some people prefer to park their cars by themselves. You are a driver and you know the hotel’s parking why not do it. However this might not work for you. Some hotels have made it mandatory that every guest’s car has to be parked by a valet. This adds more charges and cost to your total bill. This is a charge that you could have easily avoided by just parking your car. To avoid this you can go to the hotel without your car or find another self parking lot.

So now you know the ten Dirty hotel fees that you should never pay.

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