Hacks that will help you save money when booking hotels.

Anyone can book hotel rooms online but not everyone who can save money while doing it. Read this article about hacks to help you save money when booking hotels. This will help you next time you book hotels online to save money and book like a pro. Get the best out of your money and out of your hotels stay.

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  1. Save money when booking hotels by booking from money saving websites.

while there are so many websites online right now that you can book your hotels from, not all of them will provide you with the lowest prices. Some booking agencies put very large commissions for themselves and therefore increasing the price you pay for the same room. This commission is called mark up price which is the way that these booking agencies make money whenever you book hotels with them. There are specific websites like matini hotels that are there to help you book at the lowest prices available in the market and at the same time giving you tips on how you can save money while doing it. Make good use of such websites to help you save money while booking hotels online.

  2. Book hotel rooms from the actual hotel’s website.

Like we have mentioned in the above point is that some of the booking agency websites put a mark up price for the hotel rooms prices. If you don’t know what a mark up price is, it is an extra price that the booking agencies add on top of the regular price so that they can make a profit out of the sale. SO lets say for example there is this Suite, 1 Bedroom in Canopy by Hilton Washington DC The Wharf that costs $533 on the actual hotel website and as well as other hotel booking websites like matini hotels. So what some of these hotel booking agencies does is that they put a mark up price of lets say 3% on the actual price. This increases the price to $548.99. So you end up paying $15.99 more that you could have saved by booking on the actual hotel website or on booking websites like matini hotels that do not put a mark up price. In doing so you will avoid middlemen and save money when booking hotels online.

3.Book early and take advantage of falling rates.

As you know, hotel prices don’t stay constant. They keep changing from time to time. Sometimes when you book the price might be high then with time before you stay in hotel prices go down. Now you can take advantage of that. Just book the hotel room early without any fear of booking at high prices. Then get this app pruvo that will track your booking up to the time you stay in your hotel. If the prices drop the app will notify you after which you can cancel and re-book again. Remember to be sure that the hotel has a refund policy because there are some that don’t refund. Also service will get you refund any time and every time your booked room price go down. In doing so you will save money when booking hotels online.

4.Book last minute and use last minute booking advantage.

Like i told you hotels are all about making money with hotel stays for their rooms. So if there is anything the hotel owners can do to make sure that no room goes a day empty, they will do it. That means the hotels charging way less prices for the hotel rooms last day when they realize that the room might not get any booking. You can take advantage of this by booking on websites like matini hotels, hotel tonight or booking.com. Such websites willhelp you save money when booking hotels online.


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 5.Park your car at the hotel.

If you travel often you might have realized that airport parking is so expensive. You do not have to spend all that money just to park at the airport. If your hotel is close to the airport you can just leave your car parked at the hotel. To get to the airport you can just use a taxi cab which would be way cheaper and less trouble than driving your car to the airport. Similarly you can use uber to travel from your hotel to airport.In doing so you will have saved money when booking hotels and in your entire hotel stay.

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  6. Make or buy your own food to save money when booking hotels.

Most of the hotels’ restaurants are super expensive. This is because the hotels expect majority of the people staying in their hotel are the rich. The rich who don’t worry about paying extra for the same thing that they can buy at a lower price outside the hotel. So if you want to save money you can buy your own breakfast from outside the hotel. Even the better you can use some of the online food buying and delivery services like uber eats. When you buy food from outside the hotel you also get a chance to taste and enjoy the local food. This is because most hotels serve international food which might not be exactly the culture of the people outside the hotel. In doing so you will have saved money when booking hotels as well as in your hotel stay.

7. Resell your room to save money when booking hotel rooms.

This is for those hotels that don’t have a refund policy. Once you book with them there will be no money refunded to you in case you cancel your booking. All hope is not lost. Now whenever you find yourself in such a situation you can sell your room to someone else. Of course you will not get the same amount of money that you spent booking the room. You will need to provide some discount for the person you are selling the room to. On websites like roomertravel and cancelon you can resell your hotel room that you booked earlier at a fee.A great opportunity to save money when booking hotels online.

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