What are the most expensive hotels in las vegas.

I recently searched for hotels in las vegas on matini hotels and then applied the price filter to see which is the most expensive hotels in las vegas.From the results, then most expensive room was 888 Two Bedroom Three Bath Suite at Signature Condo Hotel  at a price of $1022 per night. As you guessed correctly, the second most expensive hotel in Las Vegas was the famous The SKYLOFTS at MGM Grand at a price of $990 per night.

most expensive hotels in las vegas - matini hotels

We will go through the top 10 hotels in Las Vegas that cost a lot for a night.

The Nobu Villa, Nobu Hotel

starting at $35,000 a night.

nobu villa hotel. One of the most expensive hotels in las vegas - matini hotels

These are the kind of hotels you will find celebrities like Justine bieber and Jenifer Lopez. The villa was designed by David Rockwell with extravagant space of 10,500 square feet. The $35,000 a night pays for three bedrooms including maple suite with a Japanese maple tree, sauna and massage rooms, zen garden and multiple dining areas and an outdoor kitchen all for you. moreover you get a personal butler and a 24-hour customer service is available downstairs.

Sky villa, palms casino resort.

starting $35,000 a night.

sky villa on palms casino resort - matini hotels

Are you planning on throwing the bachelor(ette) party of the millennium? With an accommodation of you and your 10 friends sky villa at palms casino is your destination. From a VIP pickup from airport to the VIP booking at the hotel you have the full package. There are many entertainment qualities for you like cantilevered pool to massage and fitness rooms. You get an in-suite glass elevator makes it so you never have to worry about your movements. There is a dry sauna for anyone looking to tone up.

Hardwood Suite, Palms Casino Resort.

Starting at $25,000 per night.

Hardwood Suite, Palms Casino Resort - matini hotels

This has a basket ball themed suite with 10000 square feet of space. You get two master bedrooms and a self locker room and indoor basket ball court. After playing the basket ball you get to rest in a Jacuzzi and you can play pool or watch TV. There is a lot of fun.

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