How to book hotels online

Many people who have never booked hotel rooms online are quite reluctant to booking hotel rooms online. They are afraid of loosing their money because of being conned by some scam websites online. Others are afraid because they don’t know how to book hotels online. In this article we are going to take you through step by step process of booking hotels online safely.

step by step guide on how to book hotels online

First step of making hotel room reservation: PREPARATION

The first step is you determining where you want to stay. For how long and what is your budget for the entire stay. This is important because it helps you search. It helps you get the hotel you want fast and make sure all your needs are included in the hotel that you book.

2nd step on how to book hotels online: BOOKING WEBSITE SEARCH

 2.Search and visit the hotel booking website. This is a very important step and one that requires you to be careful while choosing the website to book from. This is for you to avoid loosing your money by falling in the hands of online scams. Scams pose as legitimate businesses only to steal your money. Because of this we made a list of 15 world’s trusted online hotel booking websites that you can safely make your hotel room reservations.Dont book hotels online on unsafe websites to avoid loosing money.

3rd step when booking hotel rooms online: COUPONS & DISCOUNTS

3.After choosing your hotel booking website, like lets say MATINI Hotels, you first might wanna scroll through the website to see if they have any promotions or coupons or any discounts going on for you to save some money during your online hotel booking.
Here is a tip for you! on your browser, whether its chrome browser or moxilla firefox, install this browser extention called HONEY  that will provide you with coupons for almost every hotel room online and thus help you save a lot when booking hotels online.

honey in action - How to book hotels online on matini hotels

There is also another one called AVAST SAFEPRICE provided by AVAST antivirus company. This will also provide you with coupons for almost every hotel room online and thus help you save a lot when booking hotels online.

avast safeprice in action - How to book hotels online on matini hotels

4th step of booking hotels online: HOTEL ROOM SEARCH

4. The fourth step is to search the hotel that you want to stay in. If you have no specific hotel in mind you can just search the city or the location that you will be staying. Many hotels will be shown in the results. Now here is where you wanna take advantage of the features provided by the website. Features like filters will ease your process to book hotels online. Like on matini hotels we provide you with filters as shown in the image bellow.

filters on how to book hotels online - MATINI Hotels

We provide you with filters like distance to filter hotels closest to your target location to the farthest. Price to filter from lowest price to the highest price. This is the best for you because you can be able to check which is the lowest price available. Star rating this will help you filter from the highest rated hotel to the lowest rated. Tripadvisor ratings for the hotels from highest to lowest. On the left side You can adjust the price bar as you wish to fit your best interests because one major factor to consinder when you need to book hotels online is how to save money.

More hotel rooms filters

Thats not all because on the left side you will see more filters shown in the image bellow. Here you can filter by guest ratings. These are the ratings by those who have already used the hotel before. You can choose the number of star ratings for the hotel you want to stay in. More importantly is the ammenities section. Here you get to choose the exact kind of amenities you want to be available in your hotel.

A few examples of these amenities include: , , , , , , , among many more.All this to help you when booking hotel rooms online.

filters on how to book hotels online - MATINI Hotels

Its amazing what you can do on matini hotels when booking hotels to get the exact hotel that you are looking for.

5th step: Hotel Room selection

5. Click on the hotel that you like when you are done with selecting the hotel room that you want by the use of the filters. You will be directed to the hotel page where you will be able to see all the hotel rooms available. On this page you will see all the hotel details together with Room Detail Description.

The kind of information you will find on this page is the Prices for each room and the types of rooms available. You will also find information on the amenities available and property description. Checkin instructions, of which i highly recommend you to read to avoid any problems and fees on your stay in the hotel. Points of interest and trip advisor reviews. All  this information is for helping you get the best out of your stay in the hotel. It is there to help you on how to book hotels online.

hotel room information on how to book hotels online on matini hotels

6th step on how to book hotels online: Hotel booking confirmation

6. When you click on the book now button you will be taken to another page where you complete your hotel booking online. On the booking page you will be required to fillout your personal information. Fillout your payment information which can be credit card or debit card. Fill out your billing address, contact information, read checkin instructions, review your booking before final booking. Go through all this information because it is important for you to book hotels online.

booking confirmation on how to book hotels online on matini hotels

If satisfied with everything click to agree with terms of service and then click on the confirm booking button to finish your booking.

Its that easy, you are done with booking hotel room online. The website/company you have booked with will make the hotel room reservation for you. Your credit/debit card will be charged after you have stayed in the hotel  the specified amount that you saw when you were booking hotel online. Now you know how to book hotels online

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