11 Tips on how to save money booking hotel rooms online

Everyone’s dream is to save money booking hotel rooms online. Many don’t know how to save money while booking hotel rooms online. That’s why we took the time to write this article for you to help you save as much money as possible while booking hotel rooms online. Thank me later

 1.Book on deal websites and real hotels websites

when booking the hotel rooms online its always wise to book from websites that provide you with the cheapest deals possible or the best hotels coupons that will save you money like our website matinihotels.

Most of the times its advisable to use the actual hotel’s websites like Hilton hotel to make the bookings because this way you will be able to avoid the middlemen who introduce a commission on the hotel rooms prices when you book from third party websites. However the downside of this is that you might not get the best hotels deals from the actual hotels websites. This is because they want you to stay at their hotel at all cost. It is upon you to make the best decision to save money booking hotel rooms online.


  2.Book hotel rooms midweek to save money booking hotel rooms online.

Booking hotel rooms midweek is cheaper than booking hotel rooms during the weekends because less people travel and stay in hotels during the midweek as compared to weekend when most of the people travel hence staying in hotels. Because of this midweek hotel rooms prices are cheaper than weekend hotel rooms prices and thus you might save money booking hotels if you book hotel rooms midweek.


  3. keep watch for a lower price to save money booking hotel rooms online.

If you have booked hotels online before you already know that the hotel rooms prices are not the same at all time. Actually it would be very interesting to realize someone staying hotel room next to you in the same period paid way less money or more money for his/her hotel room than you. Yes! same hotel same type of rooms but different prices. This has greatly to do with the hotels room pricing system which we will discuss in another article. So with that in mind it would be wise to plan your travel in advance and keep checking for when the room prices will be lowest and book then.

Most hotel rooms booking websites provide you with option to subscribe for low price notification. Make use of that to your advantage.


  4. Become a member of a hotel chain for free and save money booking hotel rooms online.

If you are a person that travels a lot, we recommend you joining a hotel loyalty program. In most cases its free to join and stay as a member. However in some cases there is a small fee. Always remember to include that you are a member when booking. This is because sometimes the checking desk might not be aware that you are a loyalty member. There are so many benefits of being a loyalty member. Some of these benefits include being upgraded form a lower room to a better room for free.

Moreover you can join many hotel loyalty programs because if you only join one hotel loyalty program you might find that at some times that hotel prices are quite high compared to other hotels. You can read more about hotel loyalty programs on this article.


 5. Be flexible with hotel and location to save money booking hotel rooms online.

When you book hotel rooms online don’t have a fixed choice such that you can only stay on one specific hotel or one specific location. If you fix your mind that you are only going to stay in one specific hotel or specific location you might have to book hotel rooms that are expensive because you don’t have that much choices. Being flexible will let you have many choices to book hotel rooms from and most importantly you can save a lot of money because you can book the best value hotel room.


  6. Be flexible to save money booking hotel rooms online.

According to Susanna Zaraysky, author of Travel Happy, Budget Low, if your check-in and checkout dates are flexible, you can use hotel rooms booking websites or search engines to check for the cheapest hotel rooms prices and therefore you get to book the cheapest hotel room available. It’s always wise to not have fixed timings for your travels to get the best hotel rooms prices.

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  7. Watch out for hidden charges when booking hotel rooms online.

Many hotel rooms booking websites as well as hotels’ websites have additional charges. These charges may not be presented to you right upfront. This is because they don’t want their charges to look so big and discourage customers. So before putting your credit card to pay for any hotel room booking, you need to check and see if there are any additional charges. A few examples of these charges are:

Charges for changing or cancelling room reservation.


Booking fees.

Food and drinks in the hotel.

Late check-in.


   8.keep an eye out for sale offers and promotions

From time to time hotels puts out time limited sale offers and discounts in an attempt to increase their sales. This is your chance to save big by making good use of these offers and discounts. Most of these offers are advertised on the TVs and social media. Stay sharp out there in order to save money booking hotel rooms online


  9. Familiarize yourself with all hotel’s terms to avoid fines.

Almost all hotels in this world have their set of fines. Fines that they charge people for various regulations that they fail to adhere to. Some examples are late check-in which is the most common. You can go through the hotel’s terms and conditions to familiarize yourself with some of them.


   10.Make good use of hotel rooms price comparison websites.

This by far is one of the most effective tool to use when trying to save money booking hotel rooms online. Google hotels for example is one of the best price comparison engine you can use because they surf entire internet to get you the cheapest and best deals to book your hotel room.Make good use of google hotels next time you book hotels in order to save money booking hotel rooms online.


  11. Get a credit card from the hotel chain.

You get bonus points whenever you use your credit card that you acquired from the hotel chain. These bonus points can be redeemed for even a free stay in the hotel when you visit. The more you use your credit card the more points you acquire and thus the more you will save when you visit he hotel. Remember that these points are redeemed at the end of month so plan your visit well.


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